Why Does My Pond Have Duckweed?

Duckweed is a common aquatic plant that can easily find its way into ponds and other bodies of water. There are several ways duckweed can enter your pond, including:

Natural dispersal: Wind, birds, and other animals can carry duckweed seeds or fragments from one water body to another.

Aquatic Plants: Duckweed can attach to native plants that have been transported or added to waterbodies. Always be cautious when adding new plants to your water body.

Contaminated Equipment: It doesn't just have to be wildlife! Nets or other equipment used in your pond can contain duckweed that could infest the water after use.

Rainwater or Runoff: Other way that duckweed can enter your system is through rainwater or runoff. 

Human Introduction: Sometimes, duckweed is introduced into ponds intentionally by humans for various reasons. Some people use duckweed as a food source for fish or as a natural water purifier.

However, duckweed is known for its rapid growth and ability to reproduce quickly, making it easy for it to dominate a pond once introduced. If you have duckweed in your pond and don't want it to take over, consider implementing various control measures, such as manual removal, chemical treatments, or introducing natural predators like koi fish or certain species of waterfowl that feed on duckweed.