How Did I Get Watermeal?

Watermeal can be spread from one pond to another by animals including birds like geese and ducks.  Humans can inadvertently carry watermeal from waterbody to waterbody in bait buckets, on boat bottoms and even on waiters.  The small plants can stick to the sides of boats, or lodge in the feathers of birds swimming in infested water. When the boat enters a new body of water or the birds migrate, the plants go with them.

Watermeal once introduced will thrive in nutrient-rich environments.  

Minimize the Risk

  • Do not allow unwashed boats to enter your water body
  • Do not allow bait buckets to be poured into your waterbody
  • Do not transport aquatic plant from pond to pond
  • Try to discourage bird fowl from pond hopping in and out of your waterbody
  • Stay on top of your water quality and improve where you can