Duckweed Center

Solve Your Duckweed Problem with Sonar®

Many pond owners consider duckweed to be their toughest aquatic weed problem. Fortunately, Sonar—the world’s leading brand of aquatic herbicide—provides complete, long-lasting control of duckweed and other stubborn unwanted aquatic vegetation.

Duckweed is a very common nuisance aquatic weed that is spread from pond to pond via waterfowl or other wildlife. While it is commonly mistaken for algae, duckweed is actually a tiny plant with an explosive reproductive capacity that can completely cover a pond in just a few weeks to the point that the infested waterbody resembles a golf course green.

While other herbicides may offer a short-term solution, just one Sonar application can provide effective, long-term control of even the most stubborn duckweed for up to 2 years. The lasting effect of Sonar on duckweed means that you'll make fewer treatments for reduced chemical use and lower overall long-term cost.