Which Pond Dye Color is Better: Blue or Black?

There are three common dye colors available for use: blue, black and a mix of the two that imparts a deeper color on the water surface. The black dye is often used in the winter to give the pond or water feature a more reflective property. The blue/black mix is recommended for a more natural look, adding depth. Dyes can be used year-round and should be part of an overall pond management tool.

So, Which Color Should You Pick?
When it comes to choosing a pond dye for aesthetic purposes, it really depends on your personal preference of color. However, if you are using your dye as a proactive algaecide and/or submersed weed suppression tool, there is only one logical choice. The blue colored pond dye Aquashade is the only dye on the market that is registered with the EPA, meaning it's been certified to help with algae and weed management.