Coontail is a submersed aquatic plant and can be easily identified by the "raccoon tail" cluster of leaves at the end of the main stalk. It has slender stems and leather-like leaves. Stems are cord-like, flexible, and can grow as large as 11 feet in length. Coontail is called hornwort when it is sold for aquarium decorations. It spreads into ponds after aquariums are dumped into water bodies.


  • 1

    Recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating can be impaired, prevented, and even dangerous.

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    Excessive Aquatic weeds greatly detract from the aesthetic appeal and possible value of the overall property.

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    Excessive growth can lead to fish stunting, overpopulation, and in extreme cases, fish kills.

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    • Aquatic weed overgrowth is ideal for algae growth and leads to increased insect growth for mosquitos.

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    Too many weeds impede water flow in drainage ditches, irrigation canals, and culverts, causing water to back up.


Coontail can be found in most of the contiguous states.

Similar or Related Plants

It is frequently misidentified as Submersed Weeds .