Bulrush weeds grow in shallow water and moist soils, so shorelines of ponds provide a great habitat for these plants. They can reach up to 8 - 10 feet in height. Some bulrush species have three sided stems, and their leaves grow on the lower stems with irregular seed clusters that are densely packed together. 


  • 1

    Recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating can be impaired, prevented.

  • 2

    Excessive Aquatic weeds greatly detract from the aesthetic appeal and possible value of the overall property.

  • 3

    Thick excessive growth around the shoreline can encourage and increase population of frogs, snakes, muskrats, and alligators where applicable.

  • 4

    Aquatic weed overgrowth is ideal for algae growth and leads to increased insect growth for mosquitos.

  • 5

    Too many weeds impede water flow in drainage ditches, irrigation canals, and culverts, causing water to back up.