Algae Corner: Toxic, Noxious, and Smelly Algae (part 1)

Today, we're going to showcase a broad overview of many different algae groups that can cause significant impacts to humans and wildlife in their environment, from golden algae and euglenoids to diatoms and raphidophytes.

Toxins are biologically produced compounds that can impair the health or injure other organisms. Algae produces toxins to humans, fish, and wildlife. Millions of fish die every year from toxic algae blooms. Golden algae blooms of prymnesium, dinoflagellates causing red tides, raphidophytes causing brown tides, diatoms harming your shellfish, invasive seaweed taking over water bodies, and euglenoids producing fish toxins all are found in your pond. These algae kill fish, shut down beaches, and make your water dangerous.