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ReSTORE Precision Measuring Pitcher

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Specimen Label & Safety Data Sheet

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ReSTORE Precision Measuring Pitcher

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ReSTORE WC is used to reduce free phosphorus and improve water quality in any aquatic system

  • Easy to use formulation
  • Low volume rates
  • Rapid, permanent phosphorus inactivation
  • Safe for fish and invertebrates
  • No irrigation restrictions

Captain 1 Gallon Bottle

Captain is your ideal tool for effective control of a broad-spectrum of filamentous and planktonic algae.

  • A formulation of 9% double-chelated copper
  • Algae control 3 to 7 days after proper application
  • Immediate water safety—water treated with Captain may be used for swimming, fishing, & watering livestock

SePRO Blue Dye Packet

SePRO Blue WSP pond and lake colorant is a non-toxic blend of environmentally friendly dyes formulated to give your pond a natural aquamarine color while helping reduce sunlight penetration.

  • Gives your pond a natural aquamarine color
  • Helps reduce sunlight penetration
  • Non-toxic and no impact on fishing, swimming, irrigating, or domestic use
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PAK 27 10 Pound Bag

PAK 27, an effective non-copper and environmentally compatible algaecide, delivers both selective and broad-spectrum algae control.

  • Sensitive fish like Koi & Trout approved
  • Control of sensitive green algae and diatoms
  • No fishing, drinking, swimming, or irrigation restrictions
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certification for use in drinking water supplies at maximum-labeled rates
  • Organic Materials Reviews Institute (OMRI) certification for organic use
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