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If it’s time to take action so that you and your family can enjoy all the beauty and recreation your pond has to offer, the aquatic advisors at have a solution. We are eager to assist pond enthusiasts like you with the very best advice and expertise to help you eliminate nuisance weeds or algae and maintain the natural balance of your pond’s ecosystem. With a full range of products for every aquatic situation and twenty years of experience providing do-it-yourself solutions at the very best value for water bodies of all types, we have the answers to your questions. Just let us know how we can help you gain control of your pond.


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Sonar RTU (Ready-To-Use)

Sonar RTU is a ready-to-use formula that controls most troublesome pond weeds including Duckweed.

  • No Mixing
  • No Spray Equipment
  • No Boat Needed
  • Sonar RTU is easy, Ready-To-Use and SePRO Guarantees results
From $120.99

Sonar Genesis

Sonar Genesis was designed to be an easier to use formulation that lasts longer in the water and provides a faster knockdown on many floating and emergent weed species.

  • Faster-acting, longer-lasting formulation
  • Better Control on troublesome weeds like Watermeal
  • Apply directly over the weeds for a 20% faster uptake
From $520.99

Sonar A.S.

Sonar A.S. (Aqueous Solution) delivers results with a simple, one-time application, allowing you to easily treat nuisance weeds. With a liquid formulation that spreads throughout the water body, Sonar A.S. is designed for whole pond or lake treatment.

  • Immediate Uptake into the target plants
  • The most efficient concentration level
  • Ideal formulation for waterbodies with minimal water flow
From $276.00


SonarOne's pellet formulation (a.i. fluridone) delivers an effective dose to targeted plants within the first day, while providing a longer-lasting residual than Sonar A.S.

  • ONE application for most pond situations
  • Longer spectrum of dose release
  • Easy-to-apply pellet formulation
From $276.00

Galleon SC

Galleon SC delivers safe, effective control of submersed, floating, and emergent invasive and nuisance aquatic plants. Galleon SC is ideal for use in long-term management plans, when gradual control is desired or when water bodies feature a variety of plant and animal life.

  • An excellent rotational complement to Sonar in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for herbicide resistance management
  • Similar to Sonar®, the gradual death of treated target weeds allows large infestations to be treated effectively while maintaining overall water quality
  • Guaranteed Watermeal Control in conjunction with use of Sonar
From $276.99

Clearcast 1 Quart Bottle

Clearcast Herbicide is an effective and selective treatment solution for the control of floating, emergent, and submersed aquatic weed species.

  • Industry standard for systemic cattail control any time of the year
  • Provides true systemic activity killing the entire plant, including root system
  • Allows for re-colonization of desirable species
  • Controls target floating, emergent and shoreline weeds, while leaving desirable plant species unaffected

Captain 1 Gallon Bottle

Captain is your ideal tool for effective control of a broad-spectrum of filamentous and planktonic algae.

  • A formulation of 9% double-chelated copper
  • Algae control 3 to 7 days after proper application
  • Immediate water safety—water treated with Captain may be used for swimming, fishing, & watering livestock

PAK 27 10 Pound Bag

PAK 27, an effective non-copper and environmentally compatible algaecide, delivers both selective and broad-spectrum algae control.

  • Sensitive fish like Koi & Trout approved
  • Control of sensitive green algae and diatoms
  • No fishing, drinking, swimming, or irrigation restrictions
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certification for use in drinking water supplies at maximum-labeled rates
  • Organic Materials Reviews Institute (OMRI) certification for organic use
From $42.99

Revive 5 Pound Pail

Revive's balanced blend of bacteria, bacterial enyzmes and nutrients binds available nitrogen and phosphorous in a water body, improving water clarity and reducing organic sediment buildup and odor.

  • Treats the cause of odor and sludge, not the symptom
  • Carries no restrictions on post-treatment water use
  • Produces noticeable water quality improvement in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Helps re-establish a healthy balanced aquatic ecosystem

SePRO Blue Dye Packet

SePRO Blue WSP pond and lake colorant is a non-toxic blend of environmentally friendly dyes formulated to give your pond a natural aquamarine color while helping reduce sunlight penetration.

  • Gives your pond a natural aquamarine color
  • Helps reduce sunlight penetration
  • Non-toxic and no impact on fishing, swimming, irrigating, or domestic use
From $15.75

SePRO Natural Reflection Dye Packet

SePRO Natural Reflection colorant is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-soluble black dyes formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and impart a natural black color when applied to any water feature.

  • Gives your pond surface a natural reflective quality
  • Helps reduce sunlight penetration
  • Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly food grade dye
From $17.50

SePRO Natural Reflections Pond Colorant

Black Colorant available in 1 gallon

Nautique 1 Gallon Bottle

Nautique is a fast-acting, contact pond herbicide that provides localized pondweed control with no water-use or irrigation restrictions.

  • Broad-spectrum control of copper-sensitive nuisance aquatic vegetation
  • Dual chelating agents keep more active ingredient available in water column vs. other copper-based herbicides
  • Best product available for fast knockdown of nuisance aquatic vegetation

Renovate OTF 10 Pound Pail

Remove unwanted weeds along shorelines, dock, and swimming areas for one year or longer by spreading the granules over the weed infested areas.

  • Renovate OTF is a dust-free, odorless, easy-to-apply granule
  • Renovate OTF stays on target and eliminates unwanted lake weeds
  • Provides systemic control of susceptible plant species
  • No restrictions on recreational use such as swimming and fishing, or on livestock consumption of water from the treatment area
From $74.25

Phoslock 55 Pound Bag

Phoslock is a patented phosphorus locking technology to restore water quality in ponds & lakes.

  • Patented Phosphorus Locking Technology
  • Rapid & Permanent Removal of Phosphorus
  • NSF Certified
  • Improve water quality in just one application

Renovate 3 1 Quart Bottle

Renovate 3 is ideal for control of submersed, emersed, and floating plants in and around ponds, lakes, ditches, marshes, and wetlands.

  • Renovate provides rapid, systemic control of susceptible plants
  • Systemic, broad-spectrum control, throughout the plant's leaves and stems
  • Targets submersed, emersed, and floating nuisance plants

Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control

Precise blend of dyes shades out underwater growth.
From $59.99

Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control 1 Gallon

Precise blend of dyes shades out underwater growth.

Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control 2.5 Gallons

Precise blend of dyes shades out underwater growth.

Aquashade® Plus Aquatic Plant Growth Control, 50 oz.

Precise blend of dyes shades out underwater growth.

Aquashadow® Black Pond Colorant

A Beautifying, Black, Water-Tint Solution

Aquashadow® Blue Lake and Pond Colorant

Aquashadow® Lake and Pond Colorant is a concentrated dye formulation packaged in convenient pouch.

Aquashadow® Black Lake and Pond Colorant

Aquashadow® Lake and Pond Colorant is a concentrated dye formulation packaged in convenient pouch.

Bacti-Klear® Aquatic Microbial Blend (Liquid)

Beneficial bacteria reduces muck-related odors.