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Control Cattails with Clearcast + SePRO MSO

A powerful combination to manage cattails that have become a nuisance.

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Clearcast 1 Quart Bottle

Clearcast Herbicide is an effective and selective treatment solution for the control of floating, emergent, and submersed aquatic weed species.

  • Industry standard for systemic cattail control any time of the year
  • Provides true systemic activity killing the entire plant, including root system
  • Allows for re-colonization of desirable species
  • Controls target floating, emergent and shoreline weeds, while leaving desirable plant species unaffected

SePRO MSO - 1 Pint Bottle

SePRO MSO (methylated seed oil) is a wetting agent, activator and penetrant all-in-one that increases the effectiveness of many of SePRO's pond and lakefront products.