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Chara Algae

Chara (Muskgrass)

Description: Rigid and rough feel; older growth may accumulate calcium deposits; bright green to grey color; strong odor of garlic/skunk; forms dense, erect growths along the bottom; often confused with coontail.

Similar Macro Algae: Nitella, Nitellopsis (smoother, less rigid)

Control Method Needed: SeClear


Starry Stonewort

Description: A highly invasive macroalgae native to Europe and Asia. Spreading in lakes and ponds throughout NE and Midwest US. Clear rhizoids and white star-like bulbils. Large Balloon like vegetative cells. Grows in water up to 10 m in depth. Branchlets variable in length, present as whorls and extend at acute angles from stem-like structure, some are forked.

Similar Mat Forming Green Algae: Nitella

Control Method Needed: SeClear G, Captain, Komeen



Description: Another Charophyte macroalgae similar in growth form to Chara. whorls of slender branches and branchlets around a smooth stem-like structure. Simpler balloon-like cells, much less hearty and rigid than Chara. Not as odorous as Chara.

Similar Macro Algae: Nitellopsis obtusa

Control Method Needed: SeClear, Captain